IQ GPT Chatbot: The Blockchain AI Assistant

IQ GPT Chatbot draws on’s database of knowledge of thousands of wikis related to cryptocurrency as well as live data from sources like CoinGecko,DeFiLlama, Ethersan, The Associated Press, and the Hong Kong government’s InvestHK and more.

Integrating IQ GPT Chatbot in Telegram groups

Add the IQ GPT Chatbot to Telegram to gain access to a crypto expert who can quickly answer simple to complex questions on crypto terms and projects. Save your mods some time by having them tag the IQ GPT Chatbot for any repetitive questions.

Invite the IQ GPT bot: To begin the integration into your Telegram group, add the chatbot as a new member to your preferred group chat.

Use the IQ GPT Chatbot on Telegram

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